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Current Production and State-of-the-Art
With a legacy comprising more than 100 years of inspired invention, DURA is recognized by leading manufacturers as the preferred supplier partner for innovative, highly integrated automotive solutions.

Our state-of-the-art products include mechatronic control systems, including shift-by-wire HMI’s electronic systems, including actuators and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS); lightweight chassis and body systems, including multi-material closures; and exterior systems, including designer and electronic-infused exterior trim.

DURA’s five pillar future technology focus encompasses lightweight structures, amalgamated mechatronics, advanced mobility and active safety, HMI and infotainment fusion, and design aesthetics.

DURA also provides a full range of industrial products from aerospace to agricultural vehicles, marine and railway. DURA Industrial technologies, including DuraFlex? and Flexball?, are designed to endure. Learn more about DURA Industrial Products.







5 Pillars of Technology

The Roadmap to Driving Evolution